SUDO installation in our system.

Chris Jepeway jepeway at
Thu Feb 6 12:21:20 EST 2003


I don't mind answering these kinds of questions, but
you should know that I haven't been actively involved
in sudo development for quite some time.  So, please
don't take anything I say as authoritative.

> If u can help me, I would be grateful to u. Thanks and regards
There's a mailing list for these sorts of questions,
and I've cc'ed my response there so the folks who
really know can correct me if I'm wrong.  You might
want to send any further questions you have directly
to it: <sudo-users at>.

> I am trying to implement SUDO in our Sun Solaris 2.5.1 (SPARC). 
Wow.  That's a really old version of Solaris.
It dates from around the last time I worked
with sudo nearly a decade ago.

Does Sun still support 2.5.1?  Do you have the latest
patches installed on your Solaris machine?  If you're
concerned about the security of your machine (and I
assume you are since you want to instlal sudo on it :),
you might want to consider upgrading to a more recent
version of Solaris, say Solaris 8.  Older versions
had some pretty evil security-related bugs, as I recall.
Plus, all sorts of exploits have come to light since
the days of 2.5.1 that have been addressed in later
versions of Solaris.

> Solaris 2.5.1   sparc   SC4.0           1.5.6p1 Brian Jackson   none 
> 1.	I have only cc compiler (not even gcc) . Can I go ahead with cc
> . Or I need gcc compiler also.
I can't answer definitively, but I'd be
surprised if Sun's old cc doesn't work.

> 2.	Further can I download latest 1.6.6 version and install.
Sure.  I'd guess the report that the older version working
on your version of Solaris is from the time when sudo-1.5.6
and Solaris-2.5.1 were both current.  Try 1.6.6 and see.

> 3.	How do I get exact installation procedure.
The file "INSTALL" in the distribution has the details.
There's also a link on the website.

Chris <jepeway at>.

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