New Implementation Questions

Chuck Mattern camattern at
Sat Jan 11 13:15:12 EST 2003

I'm looking into implementing sudo into a fairly large network.  While
starting out with a limited number of hosts we may eventually extend
it to the enterprise (6500 hosts and growing at about 20% a year).
Ideally I would like to have 1 all encompassing sudoers file but in a
dynamic environment maintaining such a file could be problematic.  We
are moving toward using LDAP for authentication on our Unix hosts, are
there any issues in using sudo in such an environment?  I'm also
wondering if there is a way to have sudo consult LDAP instead of NIS
for things like netgroups.  FWIW we'll be implementing on AIX, HP-UX
and possibly Linux.

Looking forward to any feedback,
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