FW: Way to submit sudo code?

Spangler, Aaron aspangler at iccohio.com
Tue Jan 28 10:32:08 EST 2003

Whats the best way for me to submit a patch to sudo?  I'm talking about
the LDAP code I have written.  My code doesn't deal with the following
issues below and I would like some feedback/guidance from you before I
release the patch.

Should the patch implement only LDAP and remove the local /etc/sudoers
Or should sudo consult both LDAP and /etc/sudoers?  And in which order?
Should it consult /etc/nsswitch.conf to figure this out?  Should it
consult /etc/ldap.conf to find the ldap server and search base?

On an extreme side, I have one group of users who prefer to never allow
local /etc/sudoers (by disabling the parse.c code at compile time).

I would like other to test it in kind of an alpha mode before everyone
starts using it in case someone discovers and security hole or oversight
on my part.  How do your alpha schedules work.

You you prefer that I patch against the latest CVS head?  What types of
diff's do you want.  (diff -u?)


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