using sudo with nohup

Lehr Karen karen.lehr at
Wed Jul 16 13:22:30 EDT 2003

Thanks. I did some testing and figured out that the problem was caused more
by the  "&" than the nohup. Since the script that's in question is a backup,
I changed this in the sudoers to not ask for a password.  

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Nohup detatches from the current process and you get a process that's
suspended in the background waiting for input on a detached channel
(HP-UX says "Stopped (tty output)" and the only thing you can do then is
kill it)

Here's a dirty workaround:

$ sudo date
# Date executes and the password is cached for a few minutes.
$ nohup sudo some_script &
# Executes without asking for a password, since it's cached.


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Hello, I'm having trouble using sudo with nohup and &.  I issue command:
script_name nohup & A PID returned, then the password prompt.  When I
type in the password, it shows on the screen.  After password is typed
and I hit enter, the job is cancelled.  
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