Compiled sudo, will work on similar but older computer?

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Fri Jul 25 13:30:17 EDT 2003


Have successfully compiled sudo 1.6.7p5 on a Aviion (mc88110) o/s DG/UX
5.4R3.10 with gcc 2.5.8
and was trying to do the same on a slightly older machine o/s DG/UX 5.4R2.01
with gcc 2.3.3 but keep getting compiler error...

    gcc -c -I. -I/sudo/sudo-1.6.7p5  -O2 -D_PATH_SUDOERS=\"/etc/sudoers\" -D
_MODE=0440  parse.c
parse.c: In function `addr_matches':
parse.c:385: incompatible types in assignment
parse.c:387: incompatible types in assignment
parse.c:401: incompatible types in assignment
*** Error code 1

My c programming is rusty, and I really can't figure out why this is
happening.  I understand this is free software and no one would want to
spend too much his/her time trying to figure this out, so my main question
is if I can take the compiled version from the newer system and use it on
the older system by just copying over everthing and re-runing the
installation part?

Thanks for a great program, and I hope you can help me out.

Douglas Bridger
MIS Dept., Cloverdale Paint Inc.

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