transparent sudo?

J.Sternal at J.Sternal at
Mon Jul 28 06:41:43 EDT 2003


we're looking for something like a "transparent sudo" (for AIX 5.1), so 
that the users don't realize that they're using a tool like sudo. Also as 
we have got a lot of home-made automatic scripts (some ancient and well 
hidden), it would be difficult to put sudo in everywhere. 

So is there any alternative for sudo or something similar which does 
almost the same (somehting like a config-file where you can put in all 
allowed commands and times for any user with the privileges of any other 
user) but without the need to put a "sudo" or anything else before?
It doesn't matter if it's freeware or not as long as it's stable enough 
for important machines.

Thank you!
Jo Sternal

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