nishant sharma nishantsharma at
Sat Jun 7 12:54:53 EDT 2003

Hi All,
I am having no experience in using SUDO, complete new
at it.
I want to use SUDO for my software.

I explain my problem in points :
1. The main problem is that I am not having "root"
permissions on my UNIX system.

2. I installed complete SUDO on my UNIX machine using
various OPTIONS while "configuring " it,giving

3. Then run "make", then run "make install".

4. Now, when I try to run any "sudo" command,it is
saying "Sorry, sudo must be setuid root.". I tried all
options in given in "TROUBLESHOOTING", but nothing

5. When I tries to modify sudoer file, it is also
giving error saying "visudo: Unable to set (uid, gid)
of /export/home/nish/config/sudoers.tmp to (0, 0): Not

Please tell me that is it necesary to have "root"
permissions for installing SUDO and modifying "sudoer"

Please help me out.


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