How to get sudo to dump core?

Alan Sparks asparks at
Thu Jun 26 14:50:23 EDT 2003

Is there a way to get sudo to dump core on a segfault?

Still wrestling with the sudo segfault on Solaris 8 with latest
patches.  To reiterate the problem:
1) on first use of sudo, it dies with a segmentation fault.
2) subsequent uses work fine.
3) when the cached auth expires, we go back to (1).

This indicates to me that at least sudo gets to write its cache file
before it dies, and it's valid enough to be used on subsequent sudo

I've found that Sun has released their patch 108993-18 (LDAP2 PAM
backport), which royally mucks with the PAM modules and with pam.conf. 
I've tested applying the patchset, backing this patch out, and
rebooting, but same sudo behavior remains.

Other PAM-based apps seem to be good so far.

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