sudo not working

ian Laing ian.laing at
Fri Jun 27 19:40:08 EDT 2003

Hi Andrea,

I've not used netsaint but since no-one has picked this up yet I thought I'd
have a stab at least at saying that our sudo logs contain the TTY=unknown
and it's not a problem for the tasks we're running (these are tasks being
ssh'ed from another machine).

If netsaint requires a TTY then that could be a problem.

The only other thing that springs to mind is whether you have a "normal"
environment established within sudo.

sudo *will/may* reset certain system variables - to see if that's the
problem then perhaps you can build a shell script to invoke the restart and
either set variables yourself or simply source the root profile before the
script itself runs the restart.

Also possibly use a set in the shell script redirected to a file to check
what your environment variables conain would help - and an echo of $? after
the restart and redirect stderr to file.

The fact that sudo is not logging an error would indicate your restart is
being run even if not successfull.

ian Laing

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