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Todd C. Miller Todd.Miller at
Sat Mar 15 19:54:55 EST 2003

In message <91DF9655DE82164AA6EAA755DB6260A604636DAB at>
	so spake "Riley, Diana" (Diana.Riley):

> When I try to edit the sudoers file I receive the following error once I
> attempt to save the file. 
> "/etc/stmp" 62 lines, 3288 characters 
> fatal flex scanner internal error--end of buffer missed
> Even after I remove the /etc/stmp file I still receive the error. What am I
> missing? I am currently using 
> Sudo version 1.6.3p7 on s.8 server.

Some other people have seen this as well but never with the latest
version of sudo (1.6.6).

 - todd

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