rewrite "from" for sudo mails

Todd C. Miller Todd.Miller at
Tue Mar 18 11:46:31 EST 2003

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	so spake  (barbara.ruess):

> Sudo is sending mails with from="user who tried do anything".
> The new mailing concept that is to be intoduced in my company requires me
> to use a certain "from" address (the same one for every user), let's say
> "sudouser at mydomain. Is there a possibility (inside sudo) to rewrite the
> sender address?

There's no config knob to turn to do thing.  However, it is simple
to hack the code a bit.  In logging.c, you will see the following:

    /* Pipes are all setup, send message via sendmail. */
    (void) fprintf(mail, "To: %s\nFrom: %s\nSubject: ",
        def_str(I_MAILTO), user_name);

You could just replace user_name with "sudouser at mydomain" (including
the double quotes).

 - todd

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