Disable logging for a particular user

Todd C. Miller Todd.Miller at courtesan.com
Mon Mar 24 16:07:11 EST 2003

In message <20030324195516.24413.qmail at web11604.mail.yahoo.com>
	so spake Michael Reynolds (wshs_chat):

> I have a script which uses sudo to perform some restricted tasks.  I
> read through the documentation on how to disable logging to syslog.  It
> says to use !syslog.  So.. I use the following line to disable the
> logging for joescript:
> Defaults:joescript !lecture, !authenticate, !syslog
> I'm not sure why, but this does not work.  Could someone give me some
> pointers?  Thanks in advance.

That syntax will affect a user "joescript", not a command "joescript".
There is currently no way to modify the defaults on a per-command

 - todd

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