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Eric Peele admin at wealthwatchman.com
Thu May 1 17:14:19 EDT 2003

Hi Again,

Previously, you visited Wealth Watchman (http://www.wealthwatchman.com) 
or an associated site and indicated interest in our services.  

I am writing you today to inform you that our flagship service, the 
Market Timing Barometer, which indicates whether to be long, short, or in 
cash based on intermediate-term trends, is signalling trouble ahead for 
the domestic markets. 

Given the six year track record of this model (annual average 
return of 45%) and the limited number of trades (about 3 a year), we 
thought this information would be of interest to you.

In 1997, Wealth Watchman issued its first newsletter.  By 1999, the 
subscriber list had grown to the point that we elected to accept new 
subscribers by referral only. Today, our subscriber list includes hedge 
funds and money management institutions as well as affluent individual 

We are pleased to announce that, this past year, we have removed 
our "referral only" limitation and will be raising our subscription 
ceiling from 5500 to 6000 subscribers. Consequently, we will be accepting 
approximately 500 new subscribers.

Applications will be accepted from the first 550 received (we are allowing 
an additional 50 to account for those individuals/institutions who subscribe, 
but find our service does not match their investment profile in terms of 
objectives or risk).  Please take time to review our website which contains 
current information on our company and methodologies.

To obtain a sample issue of the Wealth Watchman, simply navigate your browser 
to the address below.

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available at:

Should you have any questions regarding this newsletter, please feel free to 
contact us at info at wealthwatchman.com.

Best regards,
Eric Peele
Wealth Watchman

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