Sudo not giving root shell or certain perms

Richard Crane craner at
Fri May 2 13:25:19 EDT 2003

I tried replacing the sudo ( 1.6.6) binary on Mac OS X 10.2.5 with a 
compilation of 1.6.7p4. in order to change the timeout values.  Now its 
behavior has changed:

sudo crontab -u root -l

sudo passwd root

generate errors, and
sudo bash

changes the gid but not the uid.

I have tried several options on the configure command line  but haven't 
found the right combination.  Can anyone help?


Richard Crane
Haskins Laboratories / (203) 865-6163 X 275 /  FAX (203) 865-8963
270 Crown Street / New Haven, CT 06511

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