Solaris 2.8 Install

christopher story ke6rwj at
Tue May 13 21:17:59 EDT 2003


I Installed  sudo 1.6.7p3 on Solaris 2.8 and i get the Sorry, Sudo error 
below.  i looked at the Troubleshooting FAQ and the results are below.  any 
additional ideas?

Q) Sudo compiles but when I run it I get "Sorry, sudo must be setuid root."
   and sudo quits.

A) Sudo must be setuid root to do its work.  You need to do something like
   `chmod 4111 /usr/local/bin/sudo'.

My Sudo executable
---s--x--x   1 bin      root       96244 Apr 14 04:39 /usr/local/bin/sudo

Also, the filesystem sudo resides on must *not* be mounted with the nosuid 
mount option or sudo will
   not be able to work.

>From /etc/mnttab
/dev/dsk/c0d0s6	/usr	ufs	rw,intr,largefiles,onerror=panic,suid,dev=1980006	1049474727

Another possibility is you may have '.' in your $PATH before the directory 
containing sudo.  If you are going to have '.' in your path you should make 
sure it is at the end.

My path:


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