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Arturo Vega sfn8ddfm at
Sun Sep 21 02:00:55 EDT 2003

   Spam Remedy v.1.5 Pro &= nbsp; (3.17Mb)

   = The powerful, effective and intelligent anti-spam tool.
   It automati= cally cleans spam messages out of your mailbox before you
   receive or read = them. 
     * [1]Automatically Blocking Spam
       = Spam Remedy automatically checks your mail boxes and filters
       unwanted, dan= gerous, or offensive mail messages to save your
       time from manually detecti= ng and organizing mail messages.
     * [2]Effecti= vely Spam Detecting
       A complex Aritificial Intelligence = algorithm has been used in
       Spam Remedy product to detecting legitimate mai= l messages and
       spam messages,the technique has more precision than other f       ilter-based and keyword-based anti-spam technologies.
     * [3]Be Sure You Get Your Right Mail Messages
       Spam Remedy doesn't confirm a spam message by a single keywor= d
       in mail content. It examines the entire message - source, headers
       and ma= il content to confirm whether it is a spam message.
     * = [4]Supports Multiple Email Types and Almost All Em= ail Clients
       Spam Remedy supports POP3, Hotmail/MSN, IMA= P4 and MAPI email
       accounts,Directly works with almost all email clients (O= utlook
       Express, Becky Mail, Foxmail, Outlook, The Bat!, Eudora etc.),
       espa= cially includes support for web-based Hotmail/MSN email
       clients. Nothing y= ou need to change to your email clients.
     * [5]Easy to use
       You don't need to set any co= mplex filter rules, just add your
       email accounts to Spam Remedy and then i= t works.
     * [6]Friends List and Reje= cting List
       With Friends List and Rejecting List, you ha= ve the chance to
       decide who are never blocked or directly treat their mail       messages as spam.
       Spam Remedy places all intercepted spam messages to= its interval
       mail database so that your inbox remains uncluttered and fre= e of
       spam.If for some reason a legitimate email is flagged as spam, you
       ca= n easily recover in multiple ways .

   [7]Download Spam Remedy = v.1.5 Pro

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   1. 3D   2. 3Dhttp://va=/
   3. 3D   4. 3D   5. file://localhost/tmp/3Dh   6. 3D   7. 3D

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