How to zero out a logfiles

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Another way to do this, that preserves the concepts of the original 
request is:

	sudo sh -c "echo > /var/log/admfile"

The reason that the original method fails is that the redirection is
done in the original user's shell, and he/she does not have permission
to open the log file as the non-root user ID.

The command listed above works because the redirection of standard out
occurs in the context of a root-owned shell.  This is important because
many times you will want to run a command as another user and need to
send the output to a file that you personally don't have permission to
open.  The general method to handle that is"

sudo sh -c "command_to_run 1 or more parameters >log_file 2>error_file"

Hope this clarifies the situation.

Best wishes.

Donald L. (Don) Ritchey
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On Wednesday March 31 2004 01:16 pm, Jim Horwath wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have been using sudo for a few months and I'm still
> learning the ropes.  I need to zero a logfile with sudo, but
> I can't get the '>' syntax just right.  I tried to search
> the archives but didn't find any hints.  I can't be the
> first (or last) person who wants to do this.
> For example:
> sudo echo > /var/adm/logfile
> or something similiar

The only way I know how is:

echo | sudo tee /var/log/admfile

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