Where do I get the LDAP patches for sudo.

Aaron Spangler aaron at spangler.ods.org
Sat Apr 24 19:34:44 EDT 2004

Any generic ldap client libraries should be fine communicating with LDAP.  
If you wanted to either do ldap_start_tls or LDAP over SSL(aka TLS) then 
you would want to use different client libraries.  Also some modifications 
would be needed to be done to Active Directory. (Such as installing a 

 - Aaron

> It might also be worthwhile to note that the primary ldap server will be =
> MS Active Directory but hopefully the calls should work ok.
> =3DG=3D
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> =20
> I've never done Itanium before.  (I've been an HP-UX junky since 6.5 & =
> HP-UX=20
> 8.  I haven't used it much since 11.11 came out though).
> If I remember right, ldapux installs itself in /opt (but I could be =
> wrong).
> That said, it should work if you include /opt/ldapux/include & =
> /opt/ldapux/
> lib . (The paths might be different, I am just guessing at this point.)
> Please let me know if you run into any problems.
> I would be glad to help in any way I can.
>  -Aaron
> On Saturday 24 April 2004 01:52 am, Galen Johnson wrote:
> Do you know if this will compile on HPUX/IPF (Itanium) with the ldapux=20
> component of HP?  I'll find out Monday, but I was jsut hoping you might =
> know=20
> of any gotchas.

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