[sudo-users] Running scripts under sudo (secure_path)

Todd C. Miller Todd.Miller at courtesan.com
Thu Aug 26 13:36:44 EDT 2004

In message <73E71EF16978D51197180002A56022D20DA5EB6C at ngmnt4mbx03.uk.capitalone.
	so spake "Gohil, Arun" (Arun.Gohil):

> Whats the best way to distribute a centrally located sudoers file to about a
> 100 servers
> when using ssh.

Both rsync and rdist (version 6) will work for this.  You need to
do some ssh setup if you don't want to be prompted for a password
from each host, though (e.g. setup .shosts).

 - todd

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