[sudo-users] su nopasswd

Todd C. Miller Todd.Miller at courtesan.com
Mon Dec 20 18:33:09 EST 2004

This sounds like a PATH problem, not a sudo problem.  My guess is
that users seso used to have /sbin in the PATH before /bin but now
/bin is first (or /sbin is simply not present).  If you don't want
to change your PATH, the simplest thing is to just use something like:

seso    ALL= NOPASSWD: /sbin/sh -c /home/sn_root/opt/aremote/sn_aremotelog_trunc.csh, /bin/sh -c /home/sn_root/opt/aremote/sn_aremotelog_trunc

For versions of sudo prior to 1.6:

seso    ALL= NOPASSWD: /sbin/sh -c /home/sn_root/opt/aremote/sn_aremotelog_trunc.csh, NOPASSWD: /bin/sh -c /home/sn_root/opt/aremote/sn_aremotelog_trunc

 - todd

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