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No.. Users don't have access to this file (or at least probably

Do this:

 $ which sudo
 $ ls -l /where/ever/which/found/sudo   # check that it's SUID root

If it is, check to see if /usr/local is another file system that was
mounted nosuid.


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I am testing with a user id to manage printers so here is what I have 

as user x > sudo reject prt225

/usr/local/etc/sudo/sudoers is mode 0444, should be 0440

as root > ls -la /usr/local/etc/sudo/sudoers

-r--r--r--   1 root       root          1898 Feb 10 14:42 

So I change it to 440, and I get permission denied to sudoers???

as root > chmod 440 /usr/local/etc/sudo/sudoers

as user x > sudo reject prt225

sudo: can't open /usr/local/etc/sudo/sudoers: Permission denied

Doesn't the users need read access to this file?

thank you!
Derek B. Smith
OhioHealth IT
UNIX / TSM / EDM Teams

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