Sudo with background processes

Gil Standen gil.standen at
Tue Feb 24 21:40:59 EST 2004

Hi, Our oracle database uses a ksh script to take a hot backup (copy) of the
database files.  Some commands are run on the database via sqlplus and some
os copy commands are executed.  Recently the backup script was given a major
upgrade and was broken into three separate scripts, that is a main script
and two subroutines that are called.  Also, copy and move commands were
suffixed with "&" so that they would run in the background.  

The backup script is run by operators via their own logins and "sudo".  It
ran fine when it was one script. Now that it is "3" scripts and processes
are spawned in the background suddenly it is prompting the sudo users for a
password.  Can you suggest what must be done to get the scripts to run as
before via the "sudo" command without any prompt for password ?

It's appreciated !!

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