Defaults>user Syntax Error?

Wolf, John JWOLF at
Thu Jan 8 11:22:38 EST 2004

I've Googled my brains out trying to solve this one and can't figure out
what I am doing wrong.

I want to set the targetpw boolean, but only when a specific runas account
is specified with the -u command line option. Editing sudoers, I added what
I thought would be the obvious default:

Defaults>theuser  targetpw

Problem is, sudo is griping about a syntax error at that line. The sudoers
manual shows the example of:

Defaults>root   !set_logname

That also generates a syntax error when sudo is executed.

Defaults:auser  targetpw

This works fine, but obviously doesn't do what I want.

The version of sudo is 1.6.6 as part of OSX 10.2.8. I did not use visudo, I
used TextEdit. TextEdit doesn't screw around with the permissions, so that
is not an issue. I know it doesn't do syntax checking, but with OSX it would
be really hard to get into a situation where I couldn't get back to the
sudoers file to restore it to its default state. I've made other changes in
the past, and they have worked fine. Currently, the only change I'm trying
to make to the file, compared to the default state of the OSX sudoers file,
is to add the line above.

Any ideas what is going on here?

John Wolf

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