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Dana Kaempen decay at
Thu Jan 8 15:03:05 EST 2004

Aaron wrote:
> The local mac guru in my area said that TextEdit is notorius
> for silently converting files to RTF (Rich Text Format)
> when writing them back.
> You might want to check your /etc/sudoers and see if TextEdit
> is the offender.
Sounds very reasonable - besides, if you're going to do Terminal-level
work, you should be editing with a Termainal-level editor.

> Try getting a freeware or shareware text editor
> that only does pure text.
No need - vi is built into Darwin and it's a text editor that's been
around for ~34 years.  As a long-time Mac & UNIX user, I've found it's
best to always stick with text files where possible.  So, if you drop
below the GUI, use the local tools to edit files and NOT OS X editors
like TextEdit.

Along similar lines, I'd recommend that you *do* use visudo, for the
very reason that it won't let you make the changes to /etc/sudoers
unless they're valid.  Although it seems like a pain until you figure
out what's incorrect in your syntax, it beats hosing your sudoers file
and having nothing work until you fix it.



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