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Tue Jan 20 12:34:22 EST 2004

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	so spake "Todd C. Miller" (Todd.Miller):

> However, if you really need LD_LIBRARY_PATH, with recent versions
> of sudo you can put a line like this at the top of sudoers:
> Defaults	env_delete-=LD_LIBRARY_PATH

Actually, that was incorrect.  The correct line is:

    Defaults	env_delete-=LD_*

The LD_* is treated as a literal string.  You almost certainly want
to make this:

    Defaults	env_delete-=LD_*, env_delete+=LD_PRELOAD

unless you need LD_PRELOAD too although I suppose that if you allow
LD_LIBRARY_PATH you can still do the same kind of nasty tricks.

 - todd

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