[sudo-users] odd sudo problem, LD_LIBRARY_PATH related

Schernau, Ed Edward.Schernau at CITIZENSBANK.com
Wed Jul 7 14:07:31 EDT 2004

I have a Solaris 8 machine with a sudoers file containing the following:

Defaults:ssm            env_delete-=LD_*
Cmnd_Alias              AGENT = /opt/netcool/ssm/bin/nco_m_ssmagent
Cmnd_Alias              CONSOLE = /opt/netcool/ssm/bin/nco_m_ssmcons
Cmnd_Alias              LICAPP = /opt/netcool/ssm/bin/licapp
ssm                     ALL = AGENT,CONSOLE,LICAPP

I have the same file on 5 supposedly identical Sun machines.  It works on 4
of them.

On one machine, when I run a binary, from the directory that it, and its
supporting .so files are in, I get:

[ssm at hostname]$ /opt/sfw/bin/sudo /opt/netcool/ssm/bin/nco_m_ssmagent
ld.so.1: /opt/netcool/ssm/bin/nco_m_ssmagent: fatal: libsnmp.so: open
failed: No such file or directory

"set" shows the following line:


(which is where I run the binary from via sudo)

I didn't install Sudo, the Unix guys did, but they assure me that they
followed the same steps on all 5 machines.  How does this happen?  Any ideas
why this could be failing on one machine?

Ed Schernau
Systems Management Specialist, ECC
Citizens Bank, East Providence Operations Center
401.282.1262 ed.schernau at citizensbank.com
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