[sudo-users] Environment variables problem

Joel GIROT joel.girot at gvr.fr
Tue Jul 13 10:05:50 EDT 2004

Hi everybody


Please, can you help me ? (sudo novice)


I try to use sudo to switch between users who have differents environment
variables usually set at logon. Some of these variables are read only. To
actualize them, I try to suppress with sudoers file all variables beginning
with gvr_ :

If I use 

Defaults          env_delete+=gvr_*

The variables are erased but not deleted and still read only. Not good.

if I use 

Defaults          env_reset

Defaults          env_keep+=*, env_keep-=gvr_*

All variables remain.


I tried many ways and either all variables are deleted or either all
variables remain


Does somebody know the right syntax ?


Thanks in advance



mel : joel.girot at gvr.fr


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