[sudo-users] Sudo and Resource Limits

David.Butler David.Butler at target.com
Thu Jul 15 12:02:59 EDT 2004

Using Sudo v. 1.6.6 on AIX 5.1, it appears that a script executed under
Sudo as root retains the system resource limits (seen via ulimit -a) of
the calling userid. I had expected the script would not be bound by
these limits since it is executing as root. Here is how this issue was
Login to non-root userid
type "sudo /somepath/somescript.ksh"
I confirmed the script is executing as root, but a tar command in the
script fails when a file reaches 1GB, which matches the resource limit
of the non-root userid.
Is this intentional behavior of Sudo? Are there any known solutions?
Thank you,
Dave Butler

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