Bug, maybe?

Galen Johnson Galen.Johnson at sas.com
Fri Jun 4 15:53:29 EDT 2004

Here is an interesting issue I just ran into.  Running on an HP-UX IPF 11.23 and 1.6.8b4.  I have set in my Defaults "runas_default=someuser" with all other items setup properly.  However, when try to do, for example, 'sudo ls' I get back an error as follows (user is thisuser on host somehost):

Sorry, user thisuser is not allowed to execute '/bin/ls' as someuser on somehost.

I'm also seeing the following in the log:

Jun  4 15:33:55 lfiunx01 sudo:   thisuser : command not allowed ; TTY=pts/12 ; PWD=/home/thisuser ; USER=someuser ; COMMAND=/bin/ls
Jun  4 15:34:35 lfiunx01 sudo: Pam Creds are not available

Yet, if I run 'sudo -u someuser ls' it works just fine.  And the logs reflect this:

Jun  4 15:34:35 lfiunx01 sudo:   thisuser : TTY=pts/12 ; PWD=/home/thisuser ; USER=someuser ; COMMAND=/bin/ls

One thing to note regarding our setup...we are using the HP LDAPUX package to authenticate our users to the systems but I am not currently using the ldap components of sudo but this is the case regardless of whether ldap is compiled in or not.  I suspect it may have to do with HPs broken implementation of 'getpwent' (we tracked this down as the cause of another problem with a different app).  But, then again, if this were the case it wouldn't work no matter what.

I'm going to try hardcoding it into sudo by feeding configure the option.  Any insight would be appreciated.


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