sudo/scp question

MWGuthzeit at MWGuthzeit at
Fri Jun 4 12:39:10 EDT 2004

I currently have a set up, with keys, a system to transfer files via scp 
from one box to another, as a secured user.  I have implemented 
sudo/sudoers to do this passwordless, which works fine.  However, I have 
been asked to set this up to change the name of the file on the receiving 
end.  I get prompted for a password every time.

Cmnd_Alias      XFER = /usr/bin/scp -p 

This works, passwordless:
sudo -u xferuser /usr/bin/scp -p 

This fails (prompts for a password):
sudo -u xferuser /usr/bin/scp -p 

I tried the asterisk at the destination location in the Cmnd_Alias, but 
this did not work either.

Any suggestions?



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