[sudo-users] how to implement *CD* under sudo

Tinni t_inni at yahoo.co.in
Sat Jun 12 13:27:22 EDT 2004


      I tried to subscribe many times, but no mails came to my address for
confirmation.. While going through the list, found that if anybody sends mail ,
first it will go to the moderator and he will accept/reject.. On the basis of
that hope, i am sending my question.   Pl. subscribe my email id....

      Here is my question:::

I have configured the 'sudoers' file for our organizations.. Some restrictions
have been incorporated users to  users... Now facing problem, to incorporate
the *CD*  command.. If i type

#sudo cd .... [ it is giving *sudo: cd: command not found* ] , yes as *CD* is
inbuilt , so the result.. So how i will give permissions to the users to do
*CD* attempt successful? 

We have stoppped *sudo bash* and also *sudo sh* as because , few admins were
entering with the command as root.. Moreover we are keeping all the *sudo*
members' movement in the log file...

So it will be really helpful if i get the hints for implementation of *how to
implement the CD command*..

Thanks is advance.

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