Where do I get the LDAP patches for sudo.

Aaron Spangler aaron at spangler.ods.org
Mon Mar 1 21:44:04 EST 2004


LDAP has now been integrated into the SUDO Source.  It is in the CVS source 
code repository for Sudo.  It will probably be released at some point in the 
near future in source tar.gz format.

We don't have binaries at this point in time. (I don't think it is planned 
either).  If I have access to a machine that is similar to yours I might be 
able to do build for you.  Which Unix or Linux are you running?

 - Aaron

On Monday 01 March 2004 10:24 am, Leadbeter, Jim wrote:
> Aaron
> As you appear to be the resident expert on sudo and its tie to LDAP:
> 1)  how do I get the sudo patches for LDAP.
> 2) Is this version available in binary format??
> thx
> Jim Leadbeter
> Work: 33082
> Cell: 813 294 0803

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