sudo configure options

Aaron Spangler aaron at
Fri Mar 5 20:32:19 EST 2004

On slackware, try './configure --with-pam'.  (I'm think slackware uses pam)

Also when you specify the files you want people to be able to run,  use the 
full path names in /etc/sudoers.

Something like this for /etc/sudoers:

joe ALL = /path/to/wierdplace/bin/myprogram

Then joe might do something like this (if . is in joe's path):
joe $ cd /path/to/wierdplace/bin
joe $ sudo myprogram

Or joe might do something like this:
joe $ cd /path/to
joe $ sudo ./wierdplace/bin/myprogram

In both cases, the program executes, sudo is able to understand what you mean 
when you specify the full path in /etc/sudoers.

I hope this addresses your problem.  Please let me know if this doesn't help.


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