Distributing the sudoers file using rsync as a non root user

Laurent CREPET lcrepet at free.fr
Wed Mar 31 07:18:55 EST 2004

Le mercredi 31 Mars 2004 14:04, phil.goringe at uk.abnamro.com a écrit :
> Firstly, I'm sorry if this question has appeared in the past ( I had a look
> at the archives but couldn't find any detailed information on the subject )
> I am using Sudo 1.6.5p5, rsync 2.6.0 and OpenSSH 3.7.1p2 on Solaris 8. I
> have disabled root login by SSH on all my servers and am experiencing
> difficulties in configuring the sudoers file to allow  /etc/sudoers to be
> distributed across all the servers using a non privileged account and rsync
> over ssh.

By default, /etc/sudoers must be owned by root:root. If the file is owned by 
another user, sudo refuses to work.

lct at lilo lct $ ls -l /etc/sudoers
-r--r-----    1 root     root          636 Feb  3 23:15 /etc/sudoers
lct at lilo lct $ sudo chown lct:lct /etc/sudoers
lct at lilo lct $ sudo bash
sudo: /etc/sudoers is owned by uid 5001, should be 0

Did you have a look to the following configure options :
  --with-sudoers-mode     mode of sudoers file (defaults to 0440)
  --with-sudoers-uid      uid that owns sudoers file (defaults to 0)
  --with-sudoers-gid      gid that owns sudoers file (defaults to 0)

Laurent CREPET -- lcrepet at free.fr

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