How to zero out a logfiles

Todd C. Miller Todd.Miller at
Wed Mar 31 21:47:05 EST 2004

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	so spake Jim Horwath (jim.horwath):

> I have been using sudo for a few months and I'm still 
> learning the ropes.  I need to zero a logfile with sudo, but 
> I can't get the '>' syntax just right.  I tried to search 
> the archives but didn't find any hints.  I can't be the 
> first (or last) person who wants to do this.
> For example:
> sudo echo > /var/adm/logfile

The problem here is that all you are running via sudo is "echo",
the redirection is done by your shell.  If you want to zero
out a file, I would suggest:

    sudo cp /dev/null /var/adm/logfile

 - todd

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