sudoers file - can group name have spaces?

Kevin Weslowski kweslowski at
Tue May 4 13:42:29 EDT 2004



sudo newbie here...


I just configured SAMBA on my (Fedora) Linux so that Domain Users can
logon to the machine; I did this using winbind;

Now, I'm trying to give users who are part of the group "Domain Admins"
who logon to that machine the ability to run any command as root...which
is why I came to sudo!


The problem I'm facing, is that the group name I want to put in the
sudoers file has spaces in it: "Domain Admins"


and it looks like sudoers doesn't accept spaces for group names;


Example valid snip of sudoers file:




%nospacesinthisgroupname       ALL=(ALL) ALL




but the syntax I'm using fails:




%Domain Admins          ALL=(ALL) ALL




Is there a way around this? Anyone else ran into a similar situation?



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