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Galen Johnson Galen.Johnson at sas.com
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Hey Aaron,

I tried to take this offlist but I guess it never made it that far.  However, upon further reflection I believe others may find your answer of use.  I haven't grabbed the 1.6.8b1 release yet but in the cvs version there was a placeholder in the readme to put an example.  I'm sure this example could easily be made more complicated and it might be useful to do so and use the results for your example.


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Hey Aaron,

By any chance would you have an example of what a correct ldif would look like?  I'm not entirely convinced the output I'm getting from sudoers2ldif is even remotely correct (I see no sudoOptions anywhere).

It would be very helpful to see what one would expect from a sudoers file similar to the following:

# Host alias specification
Host_Alias	UNIXSERVERS = unxsrv01, unxsrv02, unxsrv03, unxsrv04, unxsrv05
Host_Alias	LINUXSERVERS = lnxsrv01, lnxsrv02

# User alias specification
User_Alias	ADMINS = admin1, admin2, admin3, admin4, admin5
User_Alias	POWERUSERS = pwusr1, pwusr2, pwusr3, pwusr4, pwusr5

# Runas alias specification
Runas_Alias	ADM = ra_user1
Runas_Alias	ADMPLUS = ra_user1, ra_user2

# Cmnd alias specification
Cmnd_Alias	SHELLS = /usr/bin/sh, /usr/bin/csh, /usr/bin/ksh, \
                        /usr/local/bin/tcsh, /usr/bin/rsh, \
Cmnd_Alias	EDITORS = /usr/bin/vi, /usr/bin/view, /usr/local/bin/nedit, /usr/local/bin/less, /usr/local/bin/emacs \
				/bin/more, /usr/local/bin/vim, /usr/local/bin/view
Cmnd_Alias	SUCOM = /usr/bin/dump, /usr/bin/shutdown

# Defaults specification
Defaults	!root_sudo, ignore_local_sudoers, always_set_home, passprompt="Your password: ", \
		mail_no_perms, mail_no_host, runas_default=adm, mail_no_user, \
		!set_logname, syslog=local2, mailto="root at domain.com"

# User privilege specification

Knowing exactly what I could expect (or rather sudo expects of the LDAP entity) I believe I can easily adapt the sudoers2ldif script to accomplish this.


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