Question about Replication of the /etc/sudoers

Danny Bendersky dbenders at
Thu May 27 13:01:30 EDT 2004


Last few days I started to use sudo in order to do things as root 
without using the root password. The problem that I have is that I have 
about 35 Servers and I want to replicate the /etc/sudoers in all the 
servers to have exactly the same privilegies in each server.

The way i configure all the servers is having a central server that 
serve CVS and RSYNC, so all the configurations, including the 
"/etc/sudoers" file I upload ti the CVS Server, and then each server 
get the file using RSYNC.

Then, when I try to use the sudo, it claims that the "/etc/sudoers" is 
corrupt. I just edit the file locally with VI doing nothing more than 
delete any coment line, and then the sudo works.

Any idea why the replication fails? any suggestion to implement this?

I apreciate  any TIP/HELP.

Daniel Bendersky.

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