[sudo-users] sudo password echos to screen

Shawn Bierman sbierman at gmail.com
Tue Nov 2 16:14:06 EST 2004

When I attempt to run a command on a remote node via ssh the password
I enter for the remote sudo is echoed to the screen  (line 3. below)

This behavior is not exhibited when sudo is ran locally.  Is this a
know issue and could this be ssh related?  I am using ssh
for AIX 5.2 and sudo 1.6.7p5-2 for AIX.

Both nodes are AIX 5.2 and running the same versions of sudo and ssh.

1.  biermans at scws1en0:/ > ssh sf3n01 "sudo /sp2/scws1/mksysb_node"
2.  biermans at sf3n01's password:
3.  Password:myp4ssw0rd

Thanks for your time.

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