[sudo-users] Using Sudo to give rights to run a bunch of scripts

Christopher.Polikowsky at wellsfargo.com Christopher.Polikowsky at wellsfargo.com
Tue Nov 23 10:05:39 EST 2004

Is it possible to give sudo rights to run a shell scripts as root in a
given path?

For example:

*	I have a dozen scripts in a directory at /apps/util/sysscripts
*	All currently running in the root crontab
*	I want the usys Unix ID to be able to execute all of these
scripts as root.
*	I want to use the NO Password Needed option
*	Assume that ROOT_R is a Runas_Alias (Runas_Alias     ROOT_R =
*	All scripts are owned by usys
*	Scripts need to have root priveledges to move log files, etc.

My sudo entry is at such:

Usys ALL = (ROOT_R) NOPASSWD: /apps/util/sysscripts/*

I try to do:

 sudo /apps/util/sysscripts/scrip1.sh and it tells me that I usys
doesn't have rights to run this script.

Thank you.

Christopher Polikowsky
Email: mailto:Christopher.Polikowsky at wellsfargo.com

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