[sudo-users] Re: sudo-users Digest, Vol 23, Issue 8

Dean Price dprice1 at metlife.com
Tue Nov 23 14:22:24 EST 2004

Not sure if this is the forum for asking this question.

I've been trying to work through gathering commands for the installation
and configuration of various software packages via Sudo. I'm doing this
simply by giving a user full root access through Sudo and logging all the
commands. In this, I don't want the user to have the abilitiy to modify or
delete the /var/adm/sudo.log. I've seen a few emails regarding the
restriction of certain commands or files and using a syntax of

!/usr/bin/rm /var/adm/sudo.log   (example)

Is there any other easier way to fully restrict this log from the user?
Trying to cover every command that has the ability to do damage to the log
file is nearly impossible.

Thank you.

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