[sudo-users] Odd behaviour with filename wildcards

- - cbyhyh at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 26 10:31:32 EST 2004

I wanted to grant access to all executable files in a
particular directory, so in the sudoers file I have
something like:


But sudo will deny access to the commands in this
directory unless you specify them by their FULL
pathname, e.g.:

   sudo /my/path/runit

The following examples result in a "user is not
allowed to execute" error:

   cd /my
   sudo path/runit
   cd /my/path
   sudo ./runit

but if /my/path/runit is added to the sudoers file
then all of the above succeed in invoking runit.

Is there a reason why an entry in sudoers which ends
in a * MUST have its full pathname specified in the
sudo command? It had me well confused for a while.

(I'm using v1.6.8p4)

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