[sudo-users] user with capital character

Todd C. Miller Todd.Miller at courtesan.com
Sun Oct 24 17:53:06 EDT 2004

In message <DF6FD933C3914D409E8CA14EE01A026C01ED7A14 at e8sbh.ditscom.dsh.de>
	so spake  (Tran-Huu.Hanh):

> is there any problem, to create a sudo-user in the sudoer-file, if the unix-u
> ser only capital character has.
> Normally the unix-accounts are lower case only

Sudo cannot distinguish between an all-caps username and a User_Alias.
However, when there is ambiguity it will try both so as long as you
don't try to define a User_Alias with the same name as an
all-caps username it should be OK.

 - todd

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