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David tee david_teee at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 25 22:42:04 EDT 2004

Hi All,
Thanks for all the responses. I really wonder for the response I have recieved. Thanks. 
As I said eralier I am new to Solaris also.. I need to work rdist and other tools mentioned by you all. 
I will work on it and get back to you if I need any help. Once again,  Thanks for the help.

> From sudo-users-bounces at courtesan.com Mon Oct 25 09:25 MDT 2004
> From: "Todd C. Miller" 
> In message <20041025072526.94203.qmail at web50205.mail.yahoo.com>
> so spake David tee (david_teee):
> > I have 10 servers in which I have to distribute the roles to different people
> > . Our environment doesn't have NIS+. Please let me know whether I need to imp
> > lement Sudo in all the servers individually. Thanks for any help. 
> You can use a single sudoers file for all your machines but you'll
> need to either distribute the sudoers file from a master machine
> to the others via something like rsync or dist or just share it via
> NFS.
> Alek Komarnitsky has a nice slide show on how to use sudo in a
> large, heterogeneous environment using an NFS-mounted sudoers file.
> http://www.komar.org/pres/sudo/
> Personally, I just use rdist.
> - todd

We actually use both - actually rsync over ssh now from the common 
sudoers file to the "main servers" and then NFS to the clients.

So yea, NFS/rdist/rsync/etc. all work fine - nice thing about 
sudo is it's workable with all of those, so choose what is best
for your environment.

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