[sudo-users] Sudo for groups?

mlh at zipworld.com.au mlh at zipworld.com.au
Thu Apr 7 00:57:31 EDT 2005

On Wed, Apr 06, 2005 at 05:19:15AM -0500, lists at dawes.za.net wrote:
> Is such a thing possible with sudo? I have checked the archives, and saw a post
> last year referring to an application called "hat" that set hardcoded groups.
> Unfortunately, it seems to be a private app, and there was no further
> discussion on the list.

Yeah that was me.  I never actually finished `hat'.  I might get around to
it.  I noticed that 'newgrp' is pretty much the same command, except
that it only changes your primary group.  One could implement 'hat' as
a patch on newgrp.  And call it newgrps perhaps.

I have a fairly free week this coming week so I'll see if I can fit
it on my TODO list.


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