[sudo-users] SUDO problems on HP-UX 11i (11.11) with trusted security

Todd C. Miller Todd.Miller at courtesan.com
Wed Apr 13 12:49:56 EDT 2005

In message <OF37A6E300.5EE3343A-ON85256FE2.0048CA35-85256FE2.00498236 at hartfordl
	so spake  (Paul.Ostrowski):

> I have encountered a problem with sudo 1.6.8p7 running on HP-UX 11i 
> (11.11) with trusted security enabled.  When the system is in trusted mode 
> and i sudo a command, sudo asks for the password of the user.  When the 
> password is entered it is not accepted and asks to retry. After 3 retry's 
> it fails.  I know that the password is correct.  when I revert the system 
> back to /etc/passwd security.  sudo accepts the user password and allows 
> me to run the command.

It definately should work.  Can you try the binary package here?

 - todd

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