[sudo-users] Solaris 8 native LDAP libraries and SSL.

David Thiel lx at redundancy.redundancy.org
Mon Apr 25 12:19:33 EDT 2005

On Mon, Apr 25, 2005 at 09:30:42AM +0100, Fred Clausen wrote:
> We have been testing Solaris 8 native libraries versus using the 
> OpenLDAP libraries for compiling a LDAP aware sudo. Using the native
> libraries we can get sudo to work with LDAP but are unable to use SSL.

The native Solaris libraries in 8 don't support SSL - they had the stubs
for it and were linked to the ssl libs, but never used it. This is
supposed to be finally fixed in this patch:


but I haven't tested it myself. Hope that helps.


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