[sudo-users] 6.1.8p9 -i option

Chiahung Jessica Lin jessicalin55 at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 24 04:16:11 EDT 2005


The new -i function in sudo 6.1.8 is supposed to
simulate 'su -'.

We need to use this function but faced a couple issues

First, the wront timezone was used when we use sudo to
execute command with another user.

For example, the system date is is Taiwan Standard
time but using sudo it would change it to UTC.

Secondary, I am not sure it's related to the first
issue or not, after sudo to another user, whatever
command I want it to execute just hang. It looks like
it just performed 'su -'.

Wed Aug 24 14:15:49 TAIST 2005
/home/javauser>sudo -u scpuser3 -i ls
/home/scpuser3> date
Wed Aug 24 06:16:30 UTC 2005
/home/scpuser3> exit
ksh: ls: cannot execute
/home/javauser>sudo -u scpuser3 date
Wed Aug 24 14:18:03 TAIST 2005

Please help.


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