[sudo-users] sudo central management

Brent Fortman Brent.Fortman at radioshack.com
Thu Dec 15 11:56:23 EST 2005

We have 50+ servers and manage all of them with a single sudoers file.
Yes, the file is quite large, but I assure you it's quite manageable.
The most challenging task is the initial consolidation of all the
different configs into a single file.  Arduous?, maybe, more like
"tedious" and not necessarily difficult.  When a change is made to the
"master" sudoers file, we distribute it to all the systems using rdist
(with ssh of course).  If your shop allows NFS to all of your severs,
then that would be an even easier way to propagate the changes.


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Hi everyone,
I'm new to the list so wasn't sure if my question has already been
discussed, yet.
I was wondering if anyone has a way to centrally manage sudo? We have
servers (various unix/linux flavors). Most, if not all, have had sudo
installed with different configurations in each sudoers files. We want a
to organize and manage these files and wanted to get others perspectives
to how to go about this. I started taking a look at the different
files and tried to consolidate into 1, but this is becoming a very
task. Is there a better way?
Any suggestions and comments are appreciated.
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