[sudo-users] SUSE, sudo, nfs, logfile

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Can you do this as root on all the systems?

If not, check your export permissions on the system which serves the file system
and ensure that the /etc/exports file has an entry like the following for the 
file system with the sudolog:

-root=0  # maps client superusers to root on all systems


-root=hostname[:hostname]   # Maps client superusers on only the specified hosts to uid 0;

See your exports(4) manual page for details on your particular flavor of UNIX/Linux.

Now, the flip side of this setting is that each of the systems to which you have 
extended root permissions can write here as root.  So, a root user on any of 
those systems could wipe out your log file.  Earlier recommendations to set up remote
syslog logging of sudo activities to a secure syslog server make more sense from
an accountability point-of-view.  An alternative is to set this file system to 
append-only (if that is an available option) to prevent a log truncation.

When you start opening up holes in your security, even for perfectly valid reasons,
the side-effects are what drive you nuts trying to make things work correctly.

Best wishes,

Don Ritchey

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As I said, I have other Linux (and Unix) flavors writing to the same NFS
I can also echo "text" >> NFS_logfile and it writes.

Todd O

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